Why You are not Truly Happy

You feel the longing to be everything that you are, but the conventional way of leading your life does not offer much time and energy to allow you to truly unfold.

You know deep down that you are much more than meets the eye. The physical expression of you is a fraction of the whole non-physical you. A non-physical that you are connected to and that knows exactly what your potential is.  

The human mind is constantly exposed to information and inputs, making the sensory system confused. The disturbances challenge your sense of being aligned and at peace with your innermost self.

The Subtle Frequency of Alignment
Humans have difficulties feeling their way through life. Many use logic even though it is through our nervous system and our feelings that we will get true guidance.

As you are bombarded with information and situations throughout the day, you have developed a strong sense of filtering in the mind. But in that process, it is difficult to align as the alignment is so subtle in the frequency and is much different than the information flowing to you from your surroundings.

Try to…
Turn off the noise surrounding you and give your inner guidance a voice you can hear. Embrace the silence. Detox from stimuli and dive into the inner world and expect to be enlightened. 

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