The Mass Hypnosis of the Digital World

Life in the digital world – as we would sum it up – could equal mass hypnosis. It is no longer in the best interest of this world to have people with their noses in the ground.

The Idea of Energy
The planet needs new energy to sustain the energy receptors. Once you open your mind, you are a catalyst of energy for your surroundings. It is literally when you lift your head up and look at possibilities instead of boundaries that you are able to change both the inside and the outside world. 

We love to observe the human brainstorm as you call it. People sitting together and talking about ideas is a wonderful way of idea sharing and lighting up a room or charging each other. 

Go Crazy Big
Try to observe the next time you have an idea what boundaries do you put across it. If you find a boundary, then push it and try and think the idea even more crazy or big to push the boundaries. Because throughout history, a person has come and done something unthinkable and then some time went by and someone else did something unthinkable that pushed everybody’s boundaries. Thinking the unthinkable will keep pushing your own boundaries. 

You could think of it as an internal process.

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