We Conform our Children Every Day

We are trying to conform our children every day. You have to be like this. Or you have to learn this. Or you have to behave like this. There is the question of fitting in and being respectful. But whenever you start conforming the children, you have no trust in their inner goodness and the way that the love will shine through them.

Look Outside the Matrix
It is correct, that children should be able to see the correct or the most beneficial way, but the whole idea when raising children is somewhat based on the matrix. You have to grow up. You have to have this job, you have to have a family, you have to have to provide and then you have to die at some point.

So, there is this way all set up that is somewhat in the matrix. So, when fully awakened a child will be born and you will look at this child without judging or without having any idea of where this child has to go. You will see her strength and lovingly guide her so that she will not lose her uniqueness and the gifts she was born with.

And of course, children will learn respect, because we will show them through the power of our own example.

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