What it Feels Like to be Connected

You were born connected. We want you to know that getting/being connected is neither foreign to you nor is it hard. Being connected is innate and you are never truly disconnected as you are a part of us, and we are a part of you.

Being connected is feeling the flow and knowing that there is a time for everything. Being connected softens everything up inside of you and the harsh feelings you hold against others and yourself.

There is a Purpose to it All
Impatience, inferior feelings and judgement will be replaced with seeing your own divinity and the divinity in others. It is the sensation that you are never alone and that there is purpose. Purpose with you and purpose to the experiences you may have.

You might not like your current experience, but you will know that it too shall pass. It is feeling yourself clearly and letting go of expectations to be or to become something that you are not.

Reflect Your Beautiful Light
As you are fractions of everything in this universe, you are certainly able to make the gems inside of you sparkle and reflect this beautiful light onto your environment.

You light up the world with your presence.

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