Why Self-pampering is Highly Recommended

The body is the vehicle that you came to this planet in. It is of utmost importance that the body is held vital and fully functioning to allow the most growth.

The body should not be a hindrance as it is merely a shell for the soul. When doing body work frequently, you will avoid the stagnation of trauma energy that might later on develop into sickness.

Honour your Body and Soul
Body work is of much greater importance than most people realize. If something was wrong with your car, you would take it to the garage immediately, yet so many people walk around with a body, which is not functioning perfectly due to neglect and other priorities.

If we were to embody this planet, we would prioritize our body greatly. Also, along with the body work often comes self-pampering, which is highly recommended as you thereby honour not only the body but also the soul.

The message to the universe in the self-pampering is that you think highly enough of yourself to prioritize this very important issue.

Body Work will not Stand Alone
Sticking to a sound diet is important as well. We do not condone fanaticism, but that each one of you use your body intelligence to feel you what kind of food to eat. To pick a food and ask, will this nourish me? Yes or no. This is very simple and with frequent usage, it will be second nature. In this we imply that you have all the knowledge within.

You have the Knowledge Within
There has been a lot of disconnecting from knowledge as only experts are allowed to comment on the subject. An expert is seen upon as an individual, who has studied in schools and has great experience in a field, but we are here to ask you not to disconnect from the knowledge you have within and through the soul connection of divine intelligence.

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