You Should See Yourself

You were intended to be here. Regardless of the environment, you were born into or how your life has played out so far – you were intended to be here. With every piece of you, you add to the world and to the collective.

You are Never Alone
There is a purpose for you to be on Earth in this particular moment.
We see that you feel devastatingly alone at times. We know how it hurts.

You are never alone. You are a part of a collective and your contribution is as valuable as anyone’s – just being you with the energy you exude.

Being alone can be a choice or a process of expansion inside of you. It never stems from you actually being alone. If you no longer have affinity with being alone, make a choice to reach out to the 7.5 billion people inhabiting the Earth.

Ease into Your True Self
Regardless of the unpleasant things you might have gone through, there is a time to bounce back. You are stronger than you think, more deserving than you feel, more beautiful than you will ever know.

We see each one of you as a gift to the world. To truly honor your own divinity, you will stop feeling like a victim and let your true potential unfold. Not by pushing, but by starting to love yourself and let the world see your many beautiful colours. Stop hiding. Relax and ease into the experience with trust and a deep knowing.

We see you. You should see yourself.

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