Fact: There are no Evil Trees and no Manipulative Dogs

Connecting to Earth, nature and animals is a good way of finding inner guidance as the pure energy and serenity within an animal or a tree will light and activate that within a person.

There are no evil trees and there are no manipulative dogs. As you know we all affect each other with our vibrations and energy and so it is with nature as well. And with the sun and with the sea. And we could go on.

Disconnect to connect
Have you noticed how you feel after a walk e.g. in the woods or in a field or on a beach? You will feel differently and more connected. Please notice next time you decide to connect with nature in that way.

Being inside with technology or things that will jerk you away from your roots will create a distance and there are times when a person may feel very lost. The way out of this would be to disconnect and to go for a walk or go for a swim or riding a horse or anything that is more primal. 

Question: It seems to be human nature that we constantly strive to evolve and become more today than we were yesterday – hence the development of technology which is what keeps us inside and away from our roots. It’s as if those two powers run counter to one another. On the one hand, we have it in us to want to evolve and on the other hand that evolution kind of takes us further and further away from the primordial beings that we are and our human nature. What’s the sense in that?

Technology is not all bad as it also creates closeness and communities. It helps a lot of people from being lonely and it is easier to raise help to areas in need. Also, technology helps in the raising of consciousness in different ways as you have the sharing of information and this is a beautiful thing.

The wise use of technology
It is when technology takes over your lives and you forget to use the common sense where you unconsciously check your mobile phones or start the television or surf the internet. We want to promote using technology wisely. So, not forgetting about the things you have freely just outside your door helping you onto the right path.

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