Take Responsibility for Your Own Life and Joy

There is a serious topic of taking responsibility of one’s life. We wish for every person to stop trying to explain how they got into this or this or this situation as it is not relevant.

Let Inner Joy be your Guide
Your main focus should be on what you want to be and what you want to become. This should be controlled and guided from your inner joy. 

So, everyone should ask themselves what brings joy, and what is keeping me from having joy. Instead of looking back and explaining as in the explaining of something lies the role of the victim and it implies that it is not your fault and that you cannot change it. But this could not be more wrong. You can change whatever you want.

Toxic Environments
We strongly recommend for you to step out of any environment that is toxic to your brain or to your body. If you have a relationship of any sort to someone, who does not bring you joy, you should execute your free will from the love of yourself and your development path and step away from this. You are so afraid of hurting each other, and you are so afraid of ending up hurting yourself and your prospects.

Nothing should be more important to you than your own development.  

You Only Live Infinitely
It is a common saying that you should make it good because you have only this life. Of course, this is not the truth. But making one life good and joyful and loving and happy makes a great base for the next life. 

If you are happy in one life and that has been your main cause of action it does not mean that the next life cannot be happy because now you have tried it. Happiness is the way of spirit and the higher consciousness or God or Allah or what you would like to name it. 

No Wrong Choices
A lot of people look back and regret. I should have done this, then my life would have been so much easier or happier or joyful. This is also wrong. You cannot make wrong choices. You can make choices, but there are no wrong choices as every choice holds wisdom and a path, but you always have the opportunity to change that path. 

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