The Difference Between the Human and the Non-physical

Have you ever wondered how many processes that take place in the body simultaneously without your intervention? It is like a cosmos of a million entities working together every second. And most of the time, you do not even think about it. 

You do not think about it because you are used to things working out. You cannot see it. It just is. So many people spend time worrying about things not working out. But they rarely think about a kidney not working or a knee hurting or that you will not get a sufficient amount of air in your body, because it is working and you do not doubt it that it will stop working all of a sudden. So when people experience something nice, they immediately think there must be an end to it. 

Now, held up against what we just compared, it does not make sense. You have death as many people see it as an end. But as you know by now, it is a transition and a beginning of a new process and a new development. And you mourn the death of a person often as if they are forever gone instead of opening up a pathway of a different communication to the loved one. 

There is nothing like being human, but there is nothing like being non-physical either as you let go of all resistance and you do not experience unwanted contrast. It is a different kind of learning and development where you do not struggle to be in alignment, but understand the purpose of the soul and what steps there is to take. 

As you transcend to Earth once more, a fraction of your soul remembers, or let us say a fraction of you remembers, because your soul knows what the purpose of you being here on Earth is. 

Some may ask; does there always have to be a purpose? There is always a purpose although if everybody knew their purpose they might feel insignificant by human standards as a purpose could be to learn to forgive or to learn true love or to obtain knowledge in a very specialised field or different kinds of purposes that are important for this soul. No purpose is less important compared to another. 

When you transcend, you will bring something back that will contribute to the wholeness. The soul has the blueprint and it has the memory of each incarnation. From a spiritual level, each incarnation is most important but seen from a human perspective, a life can be sad or insignificant, but it is never insignificant to the spiritual world. 

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