Making Sense of a Virus

This virus will make a longlasting impact on the way people carry themselves throughout their everyday lives and it will eventually leave the masses in a better state of mind, where they are able to manipulate the energy as they were supposed to do.

It is in the stirring up of all the anxiety that a person can become aware of the everyday not-necessary-anxiety and the anxiety that is grounded in something more real. It is of sorts a shaking up of the humans and this is not even a very big catastrophe compared to what could have happened.

As you came to this planet of free will, you are now facing restrictions in your everyday behavior that will lead to more appreciation and awareness whenever this situation has passed. 

It is also in this period of time that you will see both the beautiful and the ugly. It is a time to expect more of yourselves and to create more in life and to get out of that zombie state that a lot of people are inclined to be caught in. It is a time where people ask themselves, what can I do to change the world? What can I do to be a better person and what can I do to make and create more love for people and not only myself to grow in? 

So, when restrictions are put upon you from government or other legislators, your own limiting behavior will loosen or you will start to become aware of your own self-limiting thoughts and behaviors and you will start thereby doing better for the great collective.

The best course of action, of course, will be not to let yourself be filled with anxiety, but to be rooted in the feeling that this too shall pass and that there is a matter of why this was even created in the first place and to have faith in the greater plan for mankind. There are indeed civilizations beyond this world that are keeping you safe and wishing you the best for the evolution of mankind and this Earth not looking at the individual, but at the humans as a race. 

There are at this point forces that are helping you to elevate the energy of the common man or woman. This was a way that did not damage the world as a war would do or bombings or anything like that that would have created a similar way of stirring up people. So, seen from an outer perspective, this is the least interfering way to help mankind. 

You will not see this virus mutating like a normal mutation would happen, but if a vaccine is found, it will change so that the effects will still be as planned.

Mankind has always looked for some logical explanation for everything and now the scapegoat was a bat. But even when the explanation was that it came from a bat, then why now? We mean, bats have existed for a very long time.

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