This is the Time

So much is happening in the world and in your individual lives. There is much attention towards your planet at this point. Please understand that this is the liberation of man disguised in a vicious disease. Each man and each woman will recognize the vulnerability and importance of reaching their true potential in this life. You see, this is a time of letting go of old karma and moving into the new world. The new world where the human no longer carries the burdens of a prior life with them in the present experience.

This is a time of personal achievement and freedom.

This is a time of breaking out of the self-inflicted prison that surrounds the majority of the early population.

This is the time to explore what forces you hold within.

This is the time to stand in your own light and let your light shine on other people and your community.

This is the time where mankind uplifts the energies. Not solely from an egotistical need, but as a whole humanity wanting to leap forward.

This is the time where humankind feels the yearning within to be less heavy energy.

It is a time where you shed your old skin and emerge as a newborn into what this world is becoming. This transition has been taking place for almost 20 years.

This is the time where understanding, patience with each other and compassion must develop within.

Joy instead of judgment
This is the time where you wave goodbye to judgment on others on a very small basis and the time where you follow your moral standards without judging or putting others down.

The humankind will now experience the joy and effectiveness of raising one’s own vibration and pulling the surrounding people up to one’s level. In days of old, if you wanted to thrive or succeed, a lot of people were pushing others down. The difference will now be that your success will be no less when you see others succeeding. This is the big difference. That people want other people to succeed and to share that success and to share that joy and to share that abundance.

This is the time where humankind realises the limitlessness of the abundance available to this Earth. There is not just one pie that everyone needs a piece of. There is an unlimited source and whenever you rejoice in other’s success, your success will be much closer. When you open your heart to the people you meet and seek to see their inner beauty, your inner beauty will be shown.

So, whenever you are truly grateful, joyful, maybe in awe, your own joy will multiply.

Rethink the way you work
This time has forced many out of their jobs and out of their normal way of thinking. This was necessary. You need another way to look at things to reach the personal freedom that so many seek. This is not to say that everyone should be self-employed or make up their own jobs. This is also an opportunity for big institutions and organizations to rethink the way they work and what they demand of their staff.

Big changes are happening within people of authority. Preferences are shifted to a greater good and many people will not understand how they suddenly changed from green to yellow or from night to day. This is all a part of a new Earth. The new spiritual awakening.

Move along with the energy
Many people were sent on beforehand to prepare this even forty years ago, fifty years ago, sixty years ago. At first, the energy was moving slowly, and this has been speeding up along the process and from where you are standing now, everything is happening very fast and your ability to shift, transform and change both yourselves and your surroundings can be instantaneous. The challenge is to accept that the change is happening and to move along with that energy and not live in fear but feel the momentum and be courageous and take those steps that your inner being knows to be the way to your true freedom.

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