About Us

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We are a couple living in a suburb of Denmark’s capital city – Copenhagen. We share an interest in personal development and the spiritual realm.

Cecilia is a healer, medium and a body therapist and works from a clinic in Copenhagen. Flemming is a communications and philosophy major and has worked in different communication capacities for some 15 years.

Fundamental questions and mind-blowing answers
The content on this website was originally intended for a book format. The idea for a book was first sparked in a summer house some four years ago. We had discussed some existential issues amongst ourselves and Cecilia had shared some pretty mind-blowing ideas as to the purpose and meaning of our existence. I – Flemming – would throw questions at Cecilia and she would answer. I was taken aback by what she was able to come up with and asked how she could possibly know all this. She replied that she did not, but that she was able to connect with the spiritual world – connect with her so-called guides.

So, we started playing around with this seemingly omniscient collective of guides asking questions about the genesis of our universe and the ways of the world as we know it here on planet Earth. Excited about the answers we were able to channel, we started recording each of the sessions. I would ask questions and Cecilia would channel the answers. I say this now as a matter of fact, but can appreciate that the belief in Cecilia’s ability can take some getting used to. It is an ability literally out of this world.

The messages are for you to consider if you – like Cecilia and me – are curious as to the meaning of life and have an urge to realize your full potential. The messages are potentially a wakeup call to those of you, who are passing through life in a half-sedated state. Those of you, who play by the book. Those of you, who perhaps inadvertently take part in the rat race. Those of you, who try to live up to the societal standards of what is the good life and yet find that no matter how many things you amass, no matter how much success you have in your job, something still seems to be missing

Sharing a gift
Make no mistake. We are not sharing the messages to convince anyone of anything. We are sharing the messages because we want to share the gift that we have been given. We want to share the wisdom that we have been granted access to. So, if anything, this website is an offer to you. An offer to learn more about your true self. An offer to realize all that you are.

The messages are soothing, uplifting, educational, explanatory, loving and ever caring and have helped us in our development towards becoming more aligned with our true selves.