The Spiritual Collective

When conducting sessions, we are channeling a so-called collective of souls. We have asked the collective to explain how we are to understand who and what they are. This is how they themselves explained who they are, how they work and what their purpose in coming through is: 

“When coming through, we are a collective. But not with one mind. We all have our own consciousness just like you have on Earth. We have each one of us a certain blueprint, a certain energy. Even though you feel one of us when a message is delivered, we are still a collective like a cell in a body that works together with millions of other cells.

We do not have individual agendas with our visits, but to have you develop and grow as you are a part of us and we are a part of you. Once you see the interconnectedness of the whole universe, you will find the love and inspiration to help others along their paths.

We are not male or female, but we might come through with a strong sense of a sex, as we choose the one or the other that we have the most affinity with at this point when coming through. As a human, you have been both male and female many times.

We are no singular individual. We are a collective of souls, but as the vessel connects with us, she will often feel the energy of one.

There are no conflicts within the collective, but we do have individual interests and when conveying a message, the souls with that particular interest or area of desire will step forth and initiate the connection.”

Why do you come through speaking English?

“We do not speak any kind of language, but as we come forth in energy, this is how it is interpreted by the vessel. It could be Chinese, it could be all other languages, but this is an interpretation of the vessel.

The vessel has not fully developed into a complete trance. And for this purpose, it is not necessary to. If a complete trance was to take place, the language could be anyone. It would make it more difficult to have a conversation with you.”